Why, hello there space traveler!  Amongst the vast universe of the interwebs, you have happened to stumble upon my portfolio/website.  So, welcome my newest friend!

For as long as I can remember, I've always had the desire to create.  I enjoy taking something unorganized and making it into something special. So when I stumbled upon this newfound passion for capturing emotion through photo & video, I had found it.  Here it is.  This is what I'll do to influence the world.

I have been doing Videography since October 2013, and I have been doing Photography since February 2014.  Man, has it been a journey!  I still consider myself an amateur as there is SO much to learn when it comes to the creative aspect of Video and Photography, but I have come a long way since the beginning.

As you explore my photography and videography on this site, you will see some work for UVU, SUU, Weddings, Bridals, Engagements, Missionary calling/homecomings, Ads for companies such as Twigs Woodwear, and some work from my personal outings with friends and family.  

This field means the world to me.  This is truly an ability and talent that has been discovered through the subtle promptings of a Higher Power.  It will be used to benefit others, to bless others, and perhaps influence others to live and to love life. 

That is my goal.  Enjoy my work!  I'll be consistently updating it :)